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Casually Vintage and Sporty Retro

Casually Vintage: Vintage Bag’s Casually Vintage and Sporty Retro Bags. Casual vintage handbags, bags, shoulder bags, and purses. Sporty bags. Casually Vintage and Sporty Retro Bags include those vintage hand bags you might carry on the weekends, vintage shoulder bags you throw over your shoulder before class, or vintage tote bags you cram all your stuff into when traveling! Casually vintage bags include vintage tooled leather hippie shoulder bags, vintage and retro straw purses and vintage wicker handbags, Western-style vintage hand tooled leather shoulder bags and pocketbooks, vintage leather and canvas tote bags, retro Brighton collectibles, vintage handbags with Lucite trim, retro hobo shoulder bags, vintage vinyl purses, some vintage Coach bags, vintage messenger bags. These gently used bags are most often made of leather, vinyl or canvas, wicker, rattan or straw, and sometimes of nylon parachute cloth.

Right now we have several vintage Dooney & Bourke All-Weather Leather bags, a vintage Aigner shoulder bag, vintage leather day packs, several 1950s and 1960s wicker and straw handbags, leather tote bags, 1940s hand tooled leather bags, and more.