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Actually Antique Bags

Vintage Bag’s Actually Antique Bags. Actually Antique Bags is our department for handbags and purses approximately 100 years old or older (more or less.) Actually Antique Bags is VintageBag’s category for handbags, evening bags, coin purses and other vintage accessories that are actually antique, that is, over 100 years old (more or less.) These are truly antique handbags, antique bags, and antique purses, including old handbags, antique evening bags, old purses, clutch bags and pouches, wallets, notebooks, card cases, and other antique accessories. They include antique doctor’s bags, vintage Corde handbags, antique hand tooled purses, Arts and Crafts era hand tooled leather purses, antique double frame purses, antique chatelaine, antique recticule, antique beaded evening bags, antique rhinestone purses, and antique metal mesh bags. Antique bag makers include Whiting and Davis, Meeker, JEMCO, Bosca Built, Reedscraft, Roycroft, Amity, Charlet, Graceline, Metro Bag Works, and Guild Creations. Antique bags made of metal mesh, celluloid, Bakelite, shell, marcasites, alligator and crocodile, cut steel beads, tapestry, Persian lamb, and seal are featured here.

Right now, we have an Arts and Crafts era hand tooled leather clutch, an antique beaded bag from Czechoslovakia, an antique coin purse made of wooden beads, an antique straw bag with needlepoint and petit point, an antique evening bag with cut steel beads, a knitted silk chatelaine with cut steel beads, and more.