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Bette Davis with hard-sided box handbag, 1950s

Bette Davis Handbags: Dating Your Bags

Bette Davis Handbags: It’s fun to follow the handbags used by famous American women, I think. Here are some photographs of Bette Davis with her handbags, taken from “This ‘N That,” her memoir, written by Davis with Michael Herskowitz, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1987. The first photo is of Davis with her daughter, B.D., during the 1956s. Both Bette Davis and her daughter carry hard-sided, top-handled, boxy handbags.

Here’s a photo of Bette Davis with Jimmy Stewart on the MGM lot, about 1956. She’s carrying a leather shoulder bag.


And here is Bette Davis with Mike Wallace in 1979, before their January 20, 1980s “Sixty Minutes” interview.  This time, she has a Christian Dior shoulder bag.

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