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Designer quality and style at just-above thrift store prices! has been selling vintage handbags and antique purses online since 1996, keeping prices affordable through small town overhead. Long ago, I started looking for one vintage bag for my own use. I was looking for the perfect messenger bag. I wanted a high-end shoulder bag made of high quality materials that would carry ten pounds of books and last forever. And I could only pay a starving student in graduate school price. That’s what I provide for you: classic, vintage and antique handbags, evening bags, and purses that are stylishly designed, beautifully made of fine materials, at very reasonable prices. lives in the workroom at the back of my slightly ramshackled old house in Baraboo, a lovely little town on the Baraboo River in Wisconsin. The workroom window overlooks my asparagus patch. The cost of living here is low, very low. You won’t find New York City prices at VintageBag!


I’m an academic turned online merchant of vintage goods. In 1995, I left the university world, where I’d spent 30 years doing a Ph.D. in English and American Studies, teaching Women’s Studies and American literature, then working in university administration. My personal antique collection had become too large, so I opened an online antique store, Easy Street Antiques.

I began to concentrate on items of particular interest to women: antique and vintage handbags and purses (now at and vintage and antique cookbooks (now at

I love looking for antique bags, antique purses, and vintage accessories because they intimately connect to the American history I’d studied and taught for so long. For example, this a large handbag or satchel that could have been carried by a suffragist.


About Vintage Bag Or, if she wanted a daintier purse, she might have carried a purse like this one.
About Vintage BagIf a suffragist went to a party (do you suppose that happened?) she might have carried an evening bag like this one: (You can buy bags like these in our Actually Antique Bags department at


About Vintage BagMy Ph.D. classwork helps me date vintage bags. For example, bags like this one aab066ua were popular during the Great Depression because fabric and wood were cheaper than leather and metal.
About Vintage BagAnd my training as a researcher keeps me honest about periods and styles. My academic conscience won’t let me label a classic Coach bag a “Bonnie Cashin-era Coach”


like this one About Vintage BagAbout Vintage Bagunless it IS a Bonnie Cashin era Coach like this one:


P.S. This picture of me with the vintage messenger bag IS vintage!